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Rising Industrial Rents at Third Way Corner, Avonmouth


Third Way Corner was originally constructed by Croudace Properties in 1968. More recently in 2007, we further invested in the site with a comprehensive refurbishment programme of all of the 11 units. We have enjoyed the diverse range of tenants that have occupied the estate over the years and look forward to many more years providing high quality industrial units in this location.

The last year has seen the completion of several transactions at Third Way Corner, with the completion of two rent reviews in September 2017 and two lease renewals in 2018. “We are pleased with the steady rise in rents at Third Way Corner and delighted that existing tenants wish to commit to a further lease term” commented Alison Skelly of Croudace Properties. “We have had many tenants over the years that have either expanded from one unit to another or renewed their lease more than once”.


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