We are looking to purchase both investment properties and development / improvement opportunities.

Fast Decisions and Action

Fast decisions on any opportunity can be given as we have all required funding in place and we have a small, close decision making team.  We work with a small group of selected agents in our property search.  Introductions from other agents with opportunities that are not sent out to the market generally, or are off market, are always welcome.  We pay fees / commissions where agents act for us on a purchase.

Search Area – within red line on map below

Property required map

Development / Improvement Opportunities Required

What we are seeking

  • Properties with opportunities for higher return through management and / or investment.

  • New development, redevelopment or refurbishment would all be acceptable.

  • Several opportunities are required.

Purchase Price / Value limits

  • Development / refurbishments / improvement opportunities with a minimum £2m end value.

  • Maximum financial outlay including works of £10m.


  • The properties must be within the red line shown on the map.

  • London fringe areas.

  • Wealthy market towns.

  • Wealthy suburban.

  • Airport sub area.

Property Types

  • Problem properties - not fundable, lease ends looming, high yielding, etc.

  • Buildings in poor condition needing refurbishment.

  • Neglected properties in need of intensive asset management and investment.

  • Old office buildings suitable for change of use – budget hotel, residential, student flats, etc.

  • Multi-let industrial estates in need of modernisation or redevelopment.

Investment Property Required

Investment properties to be freehold or virtual freehold only.

Purchase Price

  • Lot sizes of £2m to £8m at not less than 7% equivalent yield.

  • Several investments are required, portfolio or company acquisitions considered.


  • Properties must be within the red line shown on the map.

  • Wealthy market towns.

  • Wealthy suburban.

  • Fringe city.

  • Avoid locations with a lot of vacant supply / development land allocations.

  • Avoid towns disproportionately reliant on Public Sector.


  • Multi-let, maximum unit size 20,000 sqft.

  • Ideal size mix 1,000sqft to 8,000 sqft.

  • Prosperous town with limited supply of units.

  • No asbestos roofs unless replacement costs are accounted in the sale price.

  • Avoid areas with large surplus supply or development pipeline.


  • Well located road side multi-let schemes.

  • Quasi-retail max 10,000sqft units.


  • Traditional materials / construction only.

  • Adequate parking, generous provision outside of city centres.

  • Potential to convert to multi-tenanted preferred.

  • No specialist buildings.


  • Well located multi-let secondary shopping parades.

  • Unit GF sales max 4,000sqft.

  • Buildings - traditional materials / construction.

  • Affluent towns, cities, suburbs.

Other Uses

  • Budget hotels, medical centres, student accommodation.

  • Mixed use retail / office / residential / leisure.

  • Retail / residential – no schemes where the residential above shops has been sold off.