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Croudace Properties Group companies have been investing in, and developing, commercial property for 75 years.


Privately owned, the Group Companies are run by a small management team at its head office in Brighton, Sussex. Croudace Properties’ management is proud of its long established reputation for integrity, reliability and attention to detail in all of its dealings. The Companies are in the same ownership as Croudace Homes.


The small management team and available funds ensure fast decision making in investment, development and finance decisions.

Croudace Properties Ltd

Croudace Properties Ltd holds a mixed portfolio of offices, retail, industrial, roadside, leisure and hotel investments in England.


The Company’s small management team and financial resources mean purchase decisions are made very quickly, and they are not subject to valuation or other approval by external parties. Funds are available for purchases of investment property of up to £10m in value.


The Company is a long term holder of property and has always maintained a good relationship with its tenants.  It works with existing tenants whose accommodation requirements have changed to help them achieve their aims.  A flexible and proactive approach is taken to finding good property solutions for new tenants.

Croudace Asset Management Ltd

Croudace Asset Management Ltd’s professional team has effectively sourced and delivered many successful refurbishment and development projects. Funds are available for further projects in the south or in key cities in England. Joint venture opportunities are welcome.

The Company also carries out asset management and property management for portfolios for other companies within the Group and for third party organisations.

Croudace Finance Ltd

Croudace Finance Ltd provides funds to Group companies and to other developers for property refurbishment and development projects in the southern half of England.

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