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Connery House, Amersham Fully Let


We are pleased to confirm that Connery House is now fully let following the comprehensive refurbishment of the building 3 years ago. Succession Group Limited first took occupation of the ground floor in 2014 and has now expanded into the first floor above. The new ten year lease has allowed Succession Group to carry out refurbishment works to both floors, including a newly designed reception area.

Succession Group are financial advisers specialising in private wealth planning, personal financial management and corporate benefit solutions. With more than 17,000 clients, they are the fastest growing wealth planning brand in the UK, with 20 offices and more than 200 staff nationwide.

“We are delighted that Succession have decided to take on the extra space in Connery House and that the building is now fully let” said Alison Skelly of Croudace Properties, “They have been considering taking on additional office space for some time and I believe that this is an excellent solution for them”.

When Croudace Properties purchased Connery House in 2011 the building consisted of three separate terraced units, with only one unit being occupied. A comprehensive refurbishment in 2014 saw the building become three open plan floors within one building. The high-class modern office space that was created is complemented by a fresh rendered external appearance, including new aluminium windows and doors.

Alison Skelly sums it up “We are extremely proud of how we have successfully turned around a half-empty dated building with little to offer the modern occupier, into a quality fully-let investment and we are also now enjoying the increased returns”.


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