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Good demand for Trade Counter Units at Barnwood Point

August 2020

After a short marketing period a new tenant was secured for a 7,100 square foot trade counter unit at Barnwood Point, Gloucester in August 2020. APC Parcels were looking for a Gloucester base and promptly snapped up an opportunity created when the previous tenants business started to struggle due to the pandemic.

To help the tenant reduce its liabilities, joint marketing of the unit was arranged, offering a new lease of the unit. The prompt arrival of APC allowed this previous tenant to surrender its lease.

“All three parties are extremely pleased with the outcome after a worrying situation developed ” said Alison Skelly of Croudace Properties, “it is rewarding to assist tenants in different ways during the current economic difficulties and to achieve a mutually rewarding result ”.

‘’We are finding that even in these difficult times, large and smaller units at Barnwood Point are in good demand, doubtless due to the quality of the buildings and the prominence and great access that the estate enjoys’’.


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